Buy Led Signs & Displays At Great Discount!!!

Buy Used Digital Displays and Signs at Great Discounts

 Nobody has seen the future but it is quite possible to draw conclusions on the basis of present trends. And if we look at the advertising and signage trend, the future is surely LED.

Led Signs
AD Systems has been offering electronic signs for sale since 1970, and regularly bring exciting offers for small businesses & firms.We believes in the concept of regularly scheduled maintenance programs that increases the life of their digital products.This Festival Seasons ADsystems brings golden opportunity…

Buy Outdoor Led Display Board At Affordable Price!

ADSystems provides the opportunity to buy the led display board at an amazing affordable prices. It Monochrome electronic message centres (EMCs) provide a flexible solution for a dynamic outdoor led signs or a source of community information.

See the Images of currently available led display board:

outdoor led display


ADSystems also bring affordable outdoor led signs for small and medium sized businesses. Single color and full color LED signs are sturdy outdoor displays that come at affordable budget. Just fill the sales inquiry form in the above banner and we will give you the best outdoor display deal in US and Canada.


Affordable Electronic Marquee Signs for Churches


For over 40 years, AD Systems has been helping churches and religious organizations spread the words of Lord with its marquee LED signs and billboards. The US based digital displays brand specializes in outdoor LED signs and displays that are highly durable, simple to operate, and unbelievable affordable.











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Single Color ProVISION Outdoor LED & Displays

AD System’s single color ProVISION series of outdoor LED & displays is hugely demanded in US. The displays are available in customary red & amber shades & known for high resolution. You can place an effective text message and make it noticeable to vast audience through these single color displays.

6 different measures of AD System’s Single Color ProVISION LED Displays for outdoor locations:

  • 16 mm message display– Perfect for low speed traffic.
  • 20 mm message display– Best for pedestrian viewers.
  • 22 mm message display– Ideal for both City traffic and pedestrian viewers.
  • 34 mm message display– Ideal for view within a distance of 400′.
  • 45 mm message display– Effortlessly readable offering ideal view to traffic passing by within 500′.
  • 89 mm message display– Clearly readable text messages within 1,000′.

FireShot-007 FireShot-008 FireShot-009

FireShot-010 FireShot-011 FireShot-012

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Promote your Real Estate Business with Special LED outdoor advertising systems

Give your real estate business better local visibility with LED digital billboards and signs. AD SYSTEMS manufactures and supplies LED display signs and custom advertising solutions all over the world to help real estate companies advertise properties and consultation services. Get the promise of US quality and best support.

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Ad Systems – Think ‘Outdoor’ For Growth

Businesses are always looking for more in terms of revenue, sales, customers, footfalls or in short, everything that signals that business is growing and everything is all right. Sadly, accomplishing the same is not easy. Nowadays, businesses spend tens of thousands to reach out to more customers, to inform them about their services and bring that ‘rush’ to the store but most of them end up disheartened. In such a scenario, Automated display Systems suggests businesses to think ‘outdoor’ for growth…

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Buy Outdoor Full Color Led Message Displays Products – Adsystems


AD SYSTEMS offering ProCOLOR series (high resolution signs in 22mm, 25mm, 34mm) is designed for budget conscious customers that want to display Full Color text messages and animated graphics at an affordable rates.

  • High Resolution
  • Medium Resolution
  • Lower Resolution

High Resolution


The high resolution ProCOLOR 22mm series can be used for all viewing applications, including close range viewing distances up to 240’, where a higher resolution is needed to avoid the pixelation effect.

Medium Resolution


The medium resolution ProCOLOR 25mm series will display larger 7” high text for medium range viewing distances up to 300’ and 35-45 mph traffic. The ProCOLOR 25mm LED signs are typically more focused on displaying high impact text messages from long viewing distances than displaying graphics.

Lower Resolution


The lower resolution ProCOLOR 34mm series will display larger 9.5” high text for medium-long range viewing distances up to 400’ and 35-55 mph traffic. Customers that choose ProCOLOR 34mm LED signs are typically more focused on displaying high impact text messages.

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