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AD SYSTEMS manufactures and supplies Outdoor LED Display signs and custom advertising solutions all over the world to help real estate companies advertise properties and consultation services. Get the promise of US quality and best support.AD Systems brings a vast range of outdoor led display solutions for different fields of businesses. While our digital billboards can add spark the campaigns of any media agency, LED scoreboards offers better visual experience for viewers.


Single Color ProVISION Outdoor LED & Displays

AD System’s single color ProVISION series of outdoor LED & displays is hugely demanded in US. The displays are available in customary red & amber shades & known for high resolution. You can place an effective text message and make it noticeable to vast audience through these single color displays.

6 different measures of AD System’s Single Color ProVISION LED Displays for outdoor locations:

  • 16 mm message display– Perfect for low speed traffic.
  • 20 mm message display– Best for pedestrian viewers.
  • 22 mm message display– Ideal for both City traffic and pedestrian viewers.
  • 34 mm message display– Ideal for view within a distance of 400′.
  • 45 mm message display– Effortlessly readable offering ideal view to traffic passing by within 500′.
  • 89 mm message display– Clearly readable text messages within 1,000′.

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AD System provides shipping services in these areas

Latin America & Canada: 512-844-2794

– Office: 888-440-2531

– Direct: 512-589-5427

– Fax: 512-453-1553

Email – jallen@adsystemsled.com


LED Outdoor Display Board for School Communication


Schools & colleges across United States use LED outdoor display boards to communicate school events, welcome guests and advertise ticket sales.

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AD SYSTEMS is the leading US supplier of outdoor LED single color displays and digital boards to schools and other educational institutions.

Visit adsystemsled.com/led-outdoor-display-board for more details and information about LED products.

Why Restaurants Are Using LED Displays for Offline Marketing & Promotion?


While world is obsessing over online marketing and promotion, real world advertising seems to be more promising for restaurants and food joints. More and more food entrepreneurs are embracing LED advertising systems to attract more footfalls and customers.

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Below are the reasons why indoor-outdoor LED displays serve restaurant industry better;

Targeting locales

Catching attention of passersby with new dishes and discounts is best accomplished by outdoor digital message boards. Restaurant owners are aware about this and thus use outdoor LED products to capture the attention of locales.

Visibility for new joints

New restaurant brands need to stand apart from other joints in the neighborhood to build a following. LED digital billboards and signs help in achieving the same goal in a cost effective manner.

Indoor advertising

While outdoor LED displays help in attracting footfalls, indoor signs and message boards introduce visitors with special discounts and offers. Keeping the customers engaged is also the responsibility of restaurant owner, and LED screens are great help in it.

Availability of financing options is also fueling the popularity of LED advertising mediums. Are you planning to launch a new restaurant, and want custom indoor LED solutions for team communication?

Call at 888-440-2531 to discuss your LED needs.
For more information, visit adsystemsled.com/led-message-boards

Smart Warehouse Management with Outdoor LED Displays


AD SYSTEMS has simplified warehouse management with its vast range of indoor & outdoor LED displays. Manufacturers all over the world use digital displays to make inventory management, storage, receiving, picking & shipping more quick and efficient.

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Get in touch with AD SYSTEMS team for warehouse management solutions.

Choose Outdoor LED Displays to promote your business

For business promotion you need better outdoor media presence that can be attained only with high quality outdoor LED displays. Using Color LED displays is the ongoing trends and it helps greatly in attracting customers.  Ad Systems offers a vast range of LED displays that can solve your advertising problems appropriately. Its LED products are known to offer unavoidable presence no matter where you put them up, whether in a closed room or on outdoor locations……read more

Visit here website link – https://exploreb2b.com/articles/choose-outdoor-led-displays-to-promote-your-business

Buy Outdoor Full Color Led Message Displays Products – Adsystems


AD SYSTEMS offering ProCOLOR series (high resolution signs in 22mm, 25mm, 34mm) is designed for budget conscious customers that want to display Full Color text messages and animated graphics at an affordable rates.

  • High Resolution
  • Medium Resolution
  • Lower Resolution

High Resolution


The high resolution ProCOLOR 22mm series can be used for all viewing applications, including close range viewing distances up to 240’, where a higher resolution is needed to avoid the pixelation effect.

Medium Resolution


The medium resolution ProCOLOR 25mm series will display larger 7” high text for medium range viewing distances up to 300’ and 35-45 mph traffic. The ProCOLOR 25mm LED signs are typically more focused on displaying high impact text messages from long viewing distances than displaying graphics.

Lower Resolution


The lower resolution ProCOLOR 34mm series will display larger 9.5” high text for medium-long range viewing distances up to 400’ and 35-55 mph traffic. Customers that choose ProCOLOR 34mm LED signs are typically more focused on displaying high impact text messages.

Visit adsystemsled.com for technical specifications and other queries. Also get in touch for indoor outdoor full color message displays.