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Buy Used Digital Displays and Signs at Great Discounts

 Nobody has seen the future but it is quite possible to draw conclusions on the basis of present trends. And if we look at the advertising and signage trend, the future is surely LED.

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AD Systems has been offering electronic signs for sale since 1970, and regularly bring exciting offers for small businesses & firms.We believes in the concept of regularly scheduled maintenance programs that increases the life of their digital products.This Festival Seasons ADsystems brings golden opportunity…

Buy most popular 22mm & 34mm single color led display board online

Advertising with Led signs is the best medium to increase the business popularity locally & globally.LED signs are normally used at shopping stores, malls, and display windows. We provide a great opportunity to buy the most popular single line color led display board online.

Popular 22mm single color led display board : 

The standard character base size for these systems is 6″ high. They are designed for short range viewing distances and will display text/graphics from 6″ – 66″ high depending on the model chosen.

See the Image of 22mm single color led display :


Popular 34mm single color led display board : 

The standard character base size for these systems is 9.5″ high. They are designed for medium range viewing distances and will display text/graphics from 9.5″ – 44″ high depending on the model chosen.

See the Image of 34mm single color led display :


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Get Scrolling LED signs of latest technology at best prices

AD SYSTEMS is a trusted name in the field of LED outdoor displays. The company is dedicated to offer complete range of digital displays at best price and with updated technology. You cannot get a better price of indoor-outdoor digitals and affordable LED billboards anywhere else in US domestic market, as what they offer is most inexpensive.

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The availability of colors, sizes and technology with unparalleled tech support makes Automated Display Systemsthe king of Digital Sign industry. It’s one of the US pioneers who has been offering LED sign solutions for more than 40 years.  With millions of people counting on AD SYSTEMS for Scrolling LED signs and Programmable LED Signboards, it happens to be the top choice of customers for all their needs related to digital displays. Check out the products and offers here.

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Why Digital Display Solutions Are Good For Your Small Business?

You have small bakery business and it receives its fair share of customer. World is a good place to live in with some loyal client base that drop in twice of thrice a week to make their purchases. But world is not going to be the same good old self if another bakery cropped up just near you, or slowdown hit again or some customers shift loyalty. The idea is that one needs to keep adding to the client base to guarantee the business growth. For that, you need to reach out through the most appropriate mode of advertising. And nowadays, there is nothing suitable for small business advertising than display systems. Here are some reasons to support the fact;

You own it

Give advertisement in the newspaper and it will be one time; go for the television and it will be expensive. For repetitions, you have to pay separately. The same tragedy doesn’t happen in case of automated display systems. You own the indoor or outdoor display for lifetime and there is no need to make additional payments. This saves money for the business in the long term. If one is in possession of a hi-definition outdoor machine that supports video as well as content, then, one can also go ahead with making special advertisements.

According to your need

Every business has a different need; some require scrolling signage for attracting visitor’s attention while others need billboard signs for sale and product promotion. There are plenty of indoor and outdoor solutions to choose from when it comes to digital displays. The same is not true of other popular means of advertising. In case of indoor advertising, options for advertising are quite limited. Perhaps that is why digital machines are attaining such popularity amongst small businesses.

Fits right in budget

Small businesses usually have low budgets when it comes to advertising and that is why options like television commercials are not entertained. Even print media is not very appealing when if one considers the costs for one time advertisement. Long time ago, automated displays were also considered expensive options but with the arrival of companies like AD Systems, even digital billboard prices have come down. Nowadays, automated display companies are also offering easy financing options to clients who couldn’t manage one time payments. This has really helped the industry in reaching to the small businesses.

Professional assistance

Market of display systems has become very competitive. If a company needs to keep customer for the long run, it has to take care of aspects like installation, maintenance, product selection and guidance. Even a digital outdoor billboard manufacturer cannot do without making provisions for the same, and the good thing is that most industry leaders are eagerly doing whatever they can. The truth is that s mall businesses are more concerned about maintenance, installation and other issues. Companies have realized this and small business owners are benefiting from the same.

Digital displays are equally popular amongst big businesses too as they bring plenty of advantages on the table.

So, these were the reasons why advertising through automated displays suits small businesses.

AD Systems is an automated display solutions company active in the field for more than three decades. It is known for its total ‘systems’ approach and offers indoor as well as outdoor LED displays.

How Leaders of Automated Displays market Differ?

Displays market is very competitive and it is a behemoth task to keep oneself afloat in such slow times. While numerous players have left the market, some are still going strong and flourishing as well. Such firms could well be called the leaders of automated displays market. Though everyone deals in the same variety of products, differences does occur. Same makes some market leaders and others followers. Following are some of the points that helps leader differ;

Long warranty periods

Being active in a market of electronic products, companies need to assure buyers that certain type of repairs will be taken care of through warranty. The same is applicable in automated displays field. Market leaders are well aware that clients dither because of the expenses involved if any malfunction happens and to take care of the same, warranty is given. The differentiating factor here is its duration. While every company offers warranty of one or two years, only established firms can manage to offer warranty for four or five years.

Longer product life

If a businessman is spending large amount of money to get LED displays installed, he expects the machine to have a long life. It is only if the product functions for longer durations that the buyer gets the worth of the system. Hence, only a company that makes sturdy products sustains in the long term. The other factor worth mentioning here is that an outdoor display has to bear desert heat, torrential rains, high winds, snow and sometimes even ice. Only some companies have the technical capabilities and know how to make such mean display machines.

Technical support

No matter how technically superior a machine is, there are always chances of minor glitches. Owners of automated displays also sometimes feel the need of technical assistance. Smart companies are there to help their clients through such sensitive times by responding quickly with helpful information. Clients facing difficulty with their machines are helped in a polite manner to resolve the issue as soon as possible. Technical support is a big selling point for seasoned firms dealing in led billboard.

Competitive pricing

Times of pockets stuffed with money are long gone. Every company is sacrificing share of profits to become more competitive and attract customers. Same is happening in the automated displays market. While small firms are not able to cope up with the competitiveness, bigger ones have economies of scale that helps in reducing costs. Established companies in Digital outdoor billboard manufacturer business are following competitive pricing and perhaps that is why they are sailing in the waters of troubled economy.

Experience conquers all

This is one of the biggest difference makers in the LED displays market. Experienced firms are trusted for being active in the market for long time. If the experience in dealing with scrolling sign & displays spans decades – just like in case of AD Systems – then, clients have the least number of doubts.

On-time delivery is another feature that is the sign of a pro automated displays manufacturer. Trusting the best in any field is always a safe bet than choosing a novice.

Ad Systems offers designing, manufacturing and installation services for automated display systems on global level. It specializes in indoor as well outdoor machines and has been active in digital billboards and signage market for more than three decades.