Buy 16mm Led billboards online at affordable Price!

Ignoring marketing (whether offline or online) is like starting a business but not inviting anyone to buy. There is so much competition that marketing becomes a necessity for any kind of business. We are here sharing the importance of led signs in marketing as they helps increasing business popularity & so push sales eventually. We generally see the led signs or billboards at traffic signals, in shopping malls, in markets etc. Sellers use it because these type of led signs help to attract real attention.

We are here to provide the online facility to buy the 16mm led billboards,Our ProVIDEO 16mm Digital Billboards are a good fit for billboard sites that are set close to the road and for smaller boards that want to get noticed.


Technical Specifications of this product :
  • Case Configuration Sealed Aluminum case
  • Pixel Configuration 2 RED 1 GREEN 1 BLUE
  • Optimal Viewing Angle 140 degrees
  • Grayscale 256 shades
  • Operating Temp -40 to 122 F / -40 to 50 C
  • Brightness 10,000 NITS


Visit for more information about this product or buy these billboards contact us here for Latin America & Canada people : 512-844-2794 – Office: 888-440-2531 ,- Direct: 512-589-5427- Fax: 512-453-1553 or you may also Email – .


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