Single Color ProVISION Outdoor LED & Displays

AD System’s single color ProVISION series of outdoor LED & displays is hugely demanded in US. The displays are available in customary red & amber shades & known for high resolution. You can place an effective text message and make it noticeable to vast audience through these single color displays.

6 different measures of AD System’s Single Color ProVISION LED Displays for outdoor locations:

  • 16 mm message display– Perfect for low speed traffic.
  • 20 mm message display– Best for pedestrian viewers.
  • 22 mm message display– Ideal for both City traffic and pedestrian viewers.
  • 34 mm message display– Ideal for view within a distance of 400′.
  • 45 mm message display– Effortlessly readable offering ideal view to traffic passing by within 500′.
  • 89 mm message display– Clearly readable text messages within 1,000′.

FireShot-007 FireShot-008 FireShot-009

FireShot-010 FireShot-011 FireShot-012

AD System provides shipping services in these areas

Latin America & Canada: 512-844-2794

– Office: 888-440-2531

– Direct: 512-589-5427

– Fax: 512-453-1553

Email –



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