Advertise your Business through Indoor Single line Displays

Advertising with LED displays has become one of the most popular mediums of advertising. LED signs are normally used at shopping stores, malls, and display windows. Advertise your business with indoor-outdoor single line displays to increase sales and store visitors.

AD Systems brings the amazing TruColor XP. With this single line multi-color LED product, the US based company is giving store owners the most well designed, functional, and user-friendly single line LED display.


Features of Indoor Single line Displays are :

Fully Programmable Via

  •  Infrared remote keyboard
  •  PC software compatible with Windows 95, 98, 00,ME, NT and XP
  • LAN (Mini-Web™ adapter available)
  •  Wireless updates – additional fees apply
  • Internet messaging


  • Red, green and amber with 16 color arrangments
  • Pre-programmed animated graphics
  • Ultra-Bright for super visibility

Visit for more details on these displays.We have shipping services in these areas. Latin America & Canada : 512-844-2794

– Office: 888-440-2531

– Direct: 512-589-5427

– Fax: 512-453-1553

Email –


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