Features of Lobby Info Director & Best Price

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Lobby info directors serve vast range of purposes for shopping malls, corporate offices and auto showrooms. While digital message boards help shoppers to find stores in malls, auto showrooms buy lobby info director to display car information and other messages.

The electronic digital message boards generate vast range of benefits for businesses but this doesn’t mean you need to pay a higher price. AD Systems promises the quality lobby info director at a competitive price.


One year warranty promised by AD Systems makes the automated displays deal the best in the market. Some of the most interesting features of lobby info director on offer by AD Systems are;

  • Vast memory that stores more than 99 pages
  • Scratch resistant surface and antiglare screen
  • Extra wide viewing angle
  • User friendly interface to manage updates

Visit http://www.adsystemsled.com/indoor/lobbyshowroom-info-director/ to learn about technical specifications, design details and other features. Buy lobby info director online from best US based manufacturers.


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