Buy Indoor Single Line LED Display Signs Products – ADsystems

ADsystems brings another product for online buyers in US. This Time we Provide the Indoor Single Line Displays.


singleline4netmessagingsingleline1sports singleline2news singleline3finance


Available in an array of sizes, the TruColor XP is the future of Digital Informational Display Technology. This single line, multi-color LED sign is the most well designed, functional, user-friendly electronic display available. With its superior features there is no wonder why the TruColor XP is a leader in the world of digital information display technology!


Technical Specifications

  • GET WIRELESS UPDATES! ¬†* fees applicable and additional hardware required
  • 26 Built-in programmable graphics
  • Display Time/Date/Day of Week
  • Countdown Clock
  • Job Safety Days Counter
  • Message Scheduling for future display
  • 160 degrees viewing angle
  • 64K Jumbo Memory holds 52 pages
  • Simple ASCll protocol


Visit to buy the single line led display at Affordable Indoor Outdoor Advertising Systems in US.


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