Buy Single Color Led Signs & Message Displays

AD Systems ProVISION Monochrome series LED signs are the classic monochrome LED signs seen for over 12 years in countless venues across the U.S. ProVISION Monochrome electronic message signs are available in standard RED and AMBER colors.

The ProVISION product line features effective text messages or graphics in 256 shades of RED and AMBER.


The high resolution ProVISION 16mm, 20mm and 22mm Monochrome LED models are available with 3D grayscale shading technology that will display vivid images and animated graphics in high resolution detail.


The lower resolution ProVISION 34mm and 45mm Monochrome LED models feature larger pixels (LED housings) with more LED lights inside each pixel than the high resolution models.


 The ProVISION 89mm Monochrome LED signs will display 24.5″ text for viewing distances up to 1,000′. Designed for Freeway sites with 55-75 mph traffic, the ProVISION 89mm Monochrome series is ideal for Hi-rise pylon signs.

Visit for technical specifications and other queries. Also get in touch for indoor-outdoor led message displays.


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