Buy Digital Hotel Rate Changer For Better Visibility & Bookings

Visibility is very crucial in hotel business. To help hotel entrepreneurs in filling rooms and operate at maximum capacity, AD Systems brings vast range of advertising and communication solutions. One of the most promising is digital hotel room rate changer.

digital hotel room changer'

How it is useful?

By installing hotel rate changer, motels attract attention of passing motorists and people looking for affordable rooms. You can change the rates as per room availability and get maximum bookings.

Size availability in LED price changer

Choose the digital price changer as per your hotel location and requirements. Whether you are located at city-street or expressway, the automated digital solutions provider has the right machine for you. Study available models and character size related details.

Affordable outdoor advertising medium

AD Systems has earned a name for affordable digital advertising solutions. It promises the best price for digital indoor-outdoor products in US. For digital hotel rate changer as well, it brings the best price for single-face and double-face displays.

Color availability

Its range of proVISION hotel rate displays is available in red, amber and green.

The digital displays supplier also brings the promise of 5-year warranty and technical support. Visit to study technical specifications and price related queries. You can also call at 888-440-2531 to discuss your display and advertising requirements.


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