Digital Display Signage – Touch the Possibilities, Walk the Trend

In an era of digital age, besides formal display advertisements, digital signage has become one of the most attractive forms of advertisement. With digital display signs, interactive components can be instilled and further displayed through LED/LCD screens. Digital signage is also often known as Narrowcast networks. A full out of home advertising, Outdoor LED signs are largely used by businesses with a goal of delivering targeted messages and to specific locations at specific times.

Some of the benefits of digital signage are:

  • They are used for displaying the features of products and services, for e.g. a lot of restaurants use these for displaying their menu that can be changed frequently.
  •  According to continuous results, sales have gone up for most companies that incorporated scrolling LED signs to their advertising agenda.
  •  It’s a dynamic world and consumers are always looking out for something unique and visually pleasing. Companies that adopt digital signage enjoy an upper edge as compared to their competitors. This is a way to explore new mediums to reach out to customers and launching your message across.
  • The benefit of brand recall is also overwhelming and this is one of the strong reasons why businesses by and large are adapting to this. It is also time saving that saves the labour intensive printing signs. Digital display signs can be played as long as you want; hence they are cost effective too.
  • Besides customer oriented advantages, they are also used for employee communication that eventually boosts their productivity as well.

Here are some tips to make the best choice while buying Outdoor LED signs:

  • For signs, light emitting diodes (LED), HID (high intensity discharge) and liquid crystal display (LCD) are commonly used. Items to consider are display’s upfront cost, resolution, operation cost, reliability, and weight.
  •  Always trust a digital software company or a professional LED video displays manufacturer for most effective results.

Various applications are:

  • Facility mapping
  • Event Display
  • Safety alerts
  • Employee communication
  • Welcome messaging
  • Menu boards, schedules and live scoring

As one of the leading LED video displays company, AD SYSTEMS offers end to end solutions in digital display signage realm. It offers Scrolling sign systems to its global clients to fulfil their advertising needs.


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