Right Way to Choose Outdoor Digital Displays

Difference in physical aesthetics is not the only difference between indoor and outdoor digital machines. There are plenty of other distinctions that one should consider before making a purchase. Outdoor displays especially ask for special attention, and there is plenty of steps that one should go about to make the right selection. Here are some of the most crucial points that one shouldn’t ignore while selecting a digital outdoor displays system;

Determine your goal

Blindly following the trend of getting outdoor displays can cost dearly; one should beforehand determine what purpose the machine is going to serve for the business. Whether you want the display to inform about something general, communicate discounts & offers or entertain passerby audience in a way that will benefit you? So, the first thing you have to do is determining the goal you want the outdoor machine to accomplish. In the absence of an objective, there are fair chances of ending in disappointment.

Plan the cost

We all know that there is no such thing as a free lunch. So, if you are planning to get an outdoor signs LED installed, you should also plan for the cost part. Cost is a major factor in the outdoor machines, considering they usually cost more as compared to the indoor ones. Planning cost is crucial because no business would like to run out of money while trying to get the display in place. There are also plenty of automated display system companies that offer financing options. So, better go through all the available options in the market rather than repenting later on.


Before placing the order for the LED displays, one needs to make mind about its placement. Positioning is as critical as the quality of the machine; if it is not placed somewhere easily noticeable, then, the whole effort and expense can go in vain. Before undertaking the installation process, one needs to survey the selected area to find suitable locations. Once the list of most suitable locations is ready, one can easily select the position with the help of the installation team. Most leading automated displays companies also offer installation assistance in the form of site surveys and landlord approval.

Select the right firm

There are plenty of automated display companies to choose from but, sadly, not all give the same products and services. There are glaring variations, and as a businessman, your job is to choose the most profitable option. While some companies will only give you a pre designed product, some will offer a total systems approach covering every aspect starting from image design to product engineering, manufacturing, installation and maintenance. Rare ones like AD Systems will also offer 5-year warranty on LED video displays with no additional charge. So, the decision about the company is also very crucial.

Sturdiness and technological soundness of the outdoor machine is also worth taking into consideration. So, it can be concluded that one should go about outdoor digital display very carefully and take every precaution necessary to choose the right machine as well as firm.

AD Systems is an automated displays company that offers businesses advertising, communications and identity solutions. It has been active in the indoor and outdoor signs LED business for more than three decades.


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