Digital Display Signs–An Era of most Practical, Workable and Interactive Signage Solutions

Electronic billboards or affectionately known as the digital display sign boards make an instant impact on people ogling at them. These display signs are integrated with some dynamic video footage or interactive features which engage onlookers. They are not static and present continuous featuring which make them even more intriguing. It’s like new stimuli that attracts us all, and represent novelty unlike boring posts or images. From a small shopping hub to huge stores, indoor theatre or giant amphitheatres, a narrow lane to a long street, you name it and they are there all over. They are often known as ‘talk messages’. An extensive form of such digital displays, LED outdoor signs is applied to outdoors, indoors and semi outdoors.

This has evolved out to be one of the most effective forms of advertising. What’s best? You can alter your promotional messages from time to time and not stay constrained to frame limitations or screen inhibitions. These new age outdoor displays are high resolution solutions for utmost publicity of your business. They look vibrant and are available in various styles and specifications. The new form of digitizing your advertising campaign helps drive up sales and generate increased revenue streams.

The electronic billboards’ another facet is known as scrolling LED signs are indeed a revolution. This signage displays scrolling text and is largely used at indoors as well as outdoors. They can mostly be applied at the hallways of any business enterprise without prohibiting the progress of any activity or staff. LED scrolls use the progressive technology of LED that stands for light emitting diode and messages can be generated in any color. Largely the common colours in fashion are red, green and yellow. They are available in a gamut of sizes and character and are efficiently programmed to enable clear long distance view as well.

What makes them so popular:

  • Because of their flexible nature, they are available in various budgets and customized solutions.
  • Outdoor LED signs cut through the clutter by shining bright and making your business message stand out from the rest.
  • They are dynamic and are integrated with stock ticker effects.
  • They offer real time information and messages pertaining to a specific enterprise or subject.
  • They are easy to operate and program.
  • Outdoor LED signs enable you to constantly change messages.
  • LEDs can withstand harsh weather conditions.
  • Electronic billboards are unique and create extensive brand awareness.
  • Research states that Electronic billboards integrated with LED are 6 times more effective than archaic options. Since they are animated and graphics centric, their impact is higher.
  • Know Photoshop? Design your own ad without investing much. They are cost effective.
  • Since they are electronically generated, there is no manual intervention. This creates a visual diversity.
  • Scrolling LED signs can continually be used up to 100,000 hours.
  • LEDs are known to radiate a cold light which signifies they generate very less heat and which further means less wasted energy.
  • With appropriate blending schemes, they can generate myriad color options.
  • They communicate instantly and command attention while being affordable and easy to use.
  • AD SYSTEMS offer a comprehensive spectrum of digital display sign boards to a global audience at affordable pricing. Through the conception to execution, AD SYSTEMS leverage your business a competitive edge that it deserves.

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