Ad Systems – Things to consider while Choosing Electronic Displays

Choosing an electronic display initially seems a simple task but when one comes across types, specifications and details, it does become a daunting one. Variety to choose from is not the only conundrum; there are a number of technicalities involved that if ignored could lead all the hard work down the drain. So, let us simplify everything if you are considering to buy one for you business.

Indoor or Outdoor

This is the very first question that needs to be answered when one decides on getting the advantage of LED Signs. Indoor and outdoor machines play an entirely different role and are installed for different purposes. While outdoor displays mainly deals in informing the passerby’s and bring footfalls, objective of indoors is to engage with customers and emphasize on particular deals. Showroom info director and LED window displays are two popular indoor advertisers. So, a businessman firstly has to decide what he wishes to accomplish through the machine.

Distance and Time

The concept of distance and time is usually taken into consideration in case of outdoor displays. Installation location plays a crucial role in this point and distance from where viewers will look at the display is taken into account. Character height is another factor that one cannot afford to ignore. Hence, it could be deciphered that a number of technicalities need to be tended to in the initial phase of selection. In case the color LED display is decided to be erected near a high traffic area, traffic pattern, speed limit and readability should be keenly carefully into account.

Type of display content

In fields like finance, stock markets and community announcements, numbers along with characters can do the work. However, in other fields like entertainment, gaming, restaurant etc, use of graphics is more popular. So, this also decides which type of machine might come handy during billboard advertising. An LED display with at least 16 pixels in height is usually considered appropriate for displaying graphics. However, in case of detailed imagery, one can choose to install displays of around 32 pixels in height.

Message Content

Now comes the turn of original message which will bring footfalls to your business. A businessman needs to make sure that the message is readable and doesn’t require a lot of effort from customer’s side. To make this possible, it is suggestive to have at least 2 lines and 12 characters per line.

Apart from the above discussed points, size of the display to be used for the outdoor advertising along with the cost aspects also deserves attention. Clients are not usually aware of all the technicalities involved in a LED display purchase and thus it is the moral duty of the firm to give correct information to clients.

Just like any professional display systems company, sales and design team at Ad Systems helps clients in making the right choice about their display systems. Along with the above discussed points, installation, functionality and financial options are also well explained.

Probably that is why Ad Systems is such a revered name in the automated display systems business.

Ad Systems has been in the business of designing, manufacturing, installing and servicing automated display systems for the last three decades. It offers both indoor and outdoor display solutions to clients scattered all around the globe.


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